Recommended Viewing Environment / FAQs

Recommendations for optimal viewing performance

OS Windows 10 or above
Mac OS 10.15 or above
Browser Chrome、Edge、Firefox、Safari (latest version)
  • * Make sure to use the latest version of your browser for best results.
  • * If you start other applications at the same time, it may not work properly.
  • * PC performance: it is assumed that the CPU that HTML5 operates normally: Celeron equivalent or more, and 4G or more of memory is available.
Smartphone Android 9 or above (Chrome latest version)
iOS 13 or above (Environment where Mobile Safari works normally)
Communication speed Environment where downlink 3 Mbps and uplink 1 Mbps are stable
  • * Bandwidth becomes unstable if you operate videos, music, games, etc. at the same time as watching.


I can't hear the sound

Please check the speaker mark at the bottom left of the video and check the volume level.
Please also check the speaker settings of your personal computer.

The voice/ sound is echoing

There is a possibility that multiple browsers have been launched.
Close unnecessary browsers, including other web pages.

The image is unstable or interrupted

Your network connection may be slow. Please try to connect to a stable internet environment as much as possible.
A landline is recommended over WIFI if available.
Also, it is possible that heavy data is being received on the same network, so please check the surrounding environment as well.

Access was denied with a message saying that another device was connected

Occurs when there is a connection from another device with the same viewing URL.
For closed (private) events it is not possible to connect with the same URL for security reasons.

How to watch a session from the beginning after it’s already begun

Hover over the player to see the timeline below. You can go back to the preferred starting point by clicking on that spot on the timeline.
If you want to catch up to the current point, press LIVE at the bottom right.

"Not held" is displayed even though the seminar is being held

If the time on your PC is not set correctly, "Not held" may be displayed.
Set the time and time zone on your PC correctly.
If the problem persists, please check the calendar to make sure that the date and time of the event is correct.
Please also check the information distributed by the organizer to see if you are connected with the correct participation URL and not a different one.

I meet the recommended environment requirements, but I cannot connect normally

The following problems are possible.

Network configuration issues

You may not be able to connect if a firewall or proxy is set to enhance security.
If you want to use it from within the company, please consult with the person in charge of your inhouse network.
In the case of ordinary household connections, the settings aren’t usually as strict as with company settings unless special settings are made.
However, there are cases where the Internet connection provider has added such a service, so please check with your provider.

Security software or browser security function settings

Depending on the settings, you may not be able to watch. In that case, please try changing the settings of the software once.

Service provider usage restrictions

Some providers have restrictions on the use of services. Please check the settings of your provider.

PC usage

Multiple applications may be running, and it may not start normally due to the slower performance of the PC. Close any apps and browsers you are not using.
Also, if you have not shut down or restarted your PC or browser for a long period of time, or if you have not updated Windows, the processing power of your PC may decrease, which may affect your viewing.

I can't watch on my smartphone

Some older models may not be available for viewing. (Please refer to the recommended environment)
If the connection speed is insufficient, you may not be able to watch normally.
In that case, move to a place with a stable internet environment.

When I use an emoji in the chat from my iOS device such as an iPhone, the characters after the emoji are not displayed

Please refrain from using emojis as the display will depend on each individual device and the specifications of the iOS.